843 Emmett Street: Officially Under Construction!

We are happy to announce that construction at 843 Emmett Street in Schenectady is officially under way!

After acquiring the two-story, 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom property last fall, YouthBuild Schenectady AmeriCorps members and construction trainer George Brower have spent the past year gutting and securing the site by boarding windows, patching holes, and pulling leftover nails. Construction began this past October 30th as soon as the building permit went through.

Since then, Brower and the members have successfully installed three new windows and nearly completed the downstairs framing. They expect to have framing for the house completed within the next month, with a projected finish date for the entire project in March 2013. The underground support piers for the back porch have also been successfully installed. See the pictures below for these developments!

Once completed, 843 Emmett Street will exhibit an exciting array of usability and green energy features. The first floor will implement a Universal Design model in which appliances and floor space are arranged to ensure ease of use and accessibility for all residents, regardless of age, size, or physical ability. There will also be a new “radiant” heating system, which will involve the installation of heating pipes throughout the house’s floors and ceilings. This will increase heating efficiency by dispersing heat more evenly and consistently throughout the house, allowing it to be kept at a lower temperature. The house will be heavily insulated and Brower estimates that the monthly heating bill for the entire house, once completed, will not exceed $150 during the winter months.

Even with the cold approaching, Brower and the members’ spirits remain high. Brower reports that residents of Emmett Street are equally excited about the project, and frequently stop by to ask questions or observe the team at work.

We hope you’ll stay tuned, too, for more exciting developments at 843 Emmett Street!

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