YouthBuild Worcester Tours Saint-Gobain Abrasives Plant and Nothboro Research and Development Facility

On June 16, 2014, students from the Worcester YoutBuild Program had the pleasure of meeting staff and touring two of Saint-Gobain’s local facilities. 

The day started at the Saint-Gobain Worcester site where students were checked in, received visitor badges, and safety gear.  After a short walk students joined some of Saint-Gobain’s Worcester staff in the conference room for a brief safety orientation.  Students also received an overview of some of the products that are manufactured at the Worcester site.  Students were then divided into three groups and taken on a tour of Saint-Gobain’s bounded abrasives operations and super abrasives operations.  Students were surprised by the size of the equipment as well as the kilns that are used in manufacturing products at the Worcester site.  Students were very impressed with the varying sizes and uses for the grinding wheels.  After the tour students thanked and said goodbye to Saint-Gobain employees and boarded the bus to Northboro. 

After arriving in Northboro, students were checked in once again and received new visitor passes.  They were taken to a conference room to watch a brief safety video and received an over view of the activity that takes place at the Northboro R&D facility.  Students also received a short lesson on the history of Saint-Gobain and were surprised to find out that the company is hundreds of years old.  Students were also given a presentation on Saint-Gobain careers and the varying opportunities that are offered to employees of the company.  Students were then treated to a delicious lunch provided by Saint-Gobain. During lunch, students were able to chat with many of the Saint-Gobain employees that will be teaching science classes at the YouthBuild Program in the near future.  After lunch, students were then given a tour of the Northboro facility.  Students really enjoyed seeing the laboratory equipment especially the microscopes.  Students were given the opportunity to see some of the equipment in action and were able to see materials at a microscopic level.  The day ended with everyone returning to the conference room where students said goodbye and thanked Saint-Gobain staff for a great day.  


HiSET™ Update

After several months of intense classroom work and a lot of studying, seven students from the Worcester YouthBuild Program took and passed the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET™) in early June.  Passing the exam is a testament to the hard work and dedication these students have shown since starting the YouthBuild Program in January.   Worcester YouthBuild staff is very proud of the students that have passed the exam and look forward to helping them prepare for their next steps in their education and careers.  The students that have earned their HiSET™ credential include:  Jamal Beaudette, Cynthia Medrano-Bueno, Deashawn Ivory, Brittany Johnson, Jacob King, Troy Robinson, and Nick Shepardson.

Congratulations – Job Well Done!!!!!

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