Saint-Gobain Announces Partnership Extension with YouthBuild U.S.A & Expansion to South Africa

Saint-Gobain and YouthBuild’s partnership has been extended AND expanded internationally, and we couldn’t be more excited! Saint-Gobain has expanded its partnership with YouthBuild USA, to South Africa and current national partnership through 2017.

To make this announcement, Saint-Gobain hosted a press conference at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.

Saint-Gobain CEO John Crowe, Global CEO Pierre Andre De Chalendar, Dorothy Stoneman, founder and CEO of YouthBuild and Philadelphia mayor, Michael Nutter joined together to make this exciting announcement to the press during Saint-Gobain’s 350th Anniversary.

John Crowe, Saint-Gobain General Delegate, Jerome Kinard, YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School graduate, Dorothy Stoneman, Founder and CEO of YouthBuild USA, Inc. and Pierre-André de Chalendar, Saint-Gobain Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Yes! You read that right!  Saint-Gobain celebrated its 350th anniversary this year. In fact, this press conference took place simultaneously during the company’s celebration at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway (also known as the Oval,) where four ephemeral pavilions were located, and open to the public, celebrating Saint-Gobain’s past and look toward the future.

Check out the video below for a look at that spectacular event at the Oval.

Now back to business…

YouthBuild Philly graduate, Jerome Kinard,  spoke at the conference about his journey joining YouthBuild and where he is today, which is currently working in his field of choice after completing the YouthBuild program and graduating this past summer. Go Jerome!

Jerome Kinard speaking during the press conference

During his time at YouthBuild, Jerome worked side-by-side with Saint-Gobain employees and used CertainTeed material while reconstructing two vacant dilapidated homes on Wingohocking Street in Philadelphia. How about that for a resume update!

Mayor Michael Nutter speaking at the press conference

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter also joined in on the fun and congratulated Saint-Gobain and YouthBuild on its partnership. Nutter advised us to keep up the good work and thanked us in supporting his efforts to rebuild the middle class in Philadelphia. That we will do Mr. Nutter!

This event allowed all of our YouthBuild partners to come together and celebrate the future of our partnership and the great activities to come in support of the generation of green builders.

YouthBuild partners from Schenectady, NY, Worcester, MA, Canton, OH and Philadelphia, PA.

Now, moving across borders…..

In South Africa, Saint-Gobain currently operates an accredited training program that prepares disadvantaged youth for work in the construction industry through Youthbuild. Leveraging this existing training program, Saint-Gobain and YouthBuild International, a division of YouthBuild USA, Inc., are working together to open the first ever YouthBuild school in Samrand, South Africa!

To start, this program will serve 50 youth by teaching them in-classroom and hands-on training, while working alongside our building scientists and learn about sustainable building techniques and products.

“Due to the success of the Saint-Gobain-YouthBuild partnership in educating future generations and preparing them for sustainable careers in the green building industry and other high-demand careers, we have our sights set on replicating our U.S. partnership in South Africa,” said Dorothy Stoneman, Founder and CEO of YouthBuild USA, Inc. And that is what we are doing.

Please stay tuned for more updates on our partnership with YouthBuild!

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