We Have A New Roof!

After years of neglect our house,  located on 1714 Frazer Ave NW, had a HUGE hole in the roof! Raccoons lived inside and rain flowed from the roof, through the home to the first floor BUT not anymore!

Luckily, we had good weather in December and were able to completely remove the 3rd floor level of the house and install new roof trusses.

We are grateful to have received help from a few of our partners! CertainTeed Roofing, Henderson Roofing and Construction, Canton Erectors, Beaver Excavating and Safety Resources of Ohio, supported the project and trained our team to handle the installation safely. We couldn’t have done it without them!

We’ve learned a lot of new things so far working on this project. For example, the donated roofing insulation provided by CertainTeed,  called Flintboard ISO NB, goes on top of the framing and under the shingles to provide additional insulation and thermal comfort inside the house, without losing living space on the 3rd floor and it earns us LEED points for the project!

While we were lucky with  December’s warm weather, we knew that winter in Northeast Ohio would come any day and it did. The insulation and shingles were a little delayed once we got through the holidays but we’re expected to have it done by the end of January.  


Stay tuned…


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