YouthBuild Philly students learn to install window film on their school windows

Blinding sun glare, intense heat and fatigued students are the everyday challenges Ms. Willa faces as she teaches her language arts class at the YouthBuild Charter school in Philadelphia. Sometimes, she even wears sunglasses in order to see her students while teaching her lessons. 

Thankfully, through our amazing partnership with YouthBuild and Saint-Gobain, we were able to find a solution to Ms. Willa’s problem….Solar Gard.

Solar Gard, a subdivision of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, stepped in and donated window film to the school, and provided students with an installation training in order to teach them how to install window film  on their very own classrooms. Students worked side-by-side with Energy Initiatives, a local Philadelphia installer of window film, to install Solar Gard’s Panorama Slate 10 film, which tints and reduces sun glare and solar heat.   

After students and the Energy Initiatives team began to install the film, throughout the progress, there was a distinct shift in room temperature and sun glare in the space.

Now the classrooms are cooler and hold just the right amount of natural light. 

Students made a difference in their learning environment, while learning a valuable skill. 

Following the install, Jon Nickless, Solar Gard Territory Sales Manager and Nick DeCarlo, Business Development Manager at Energy Initiatives, presented to students on the importance of showing up on time, being driven and doing great work on the job site. Students asked questions and received valuable career advice, that can be taken with them throughout the rest of their careers. 

Thank you, to Saint-Gobain, Solar Gard, Energy Initiatives, and YouthBuild for a great experience for everyone involved. Until next time!

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