Green homes in New Orleans

We are on spring break for a service trip in Mississippi. Today we went to New Orleans. The best part of the tour of the city was seeing what Katrina did to the city. We went to the 9th Ward, and it was completely destroyed by the hurricane. We learned about the levies that broke and that thousands of people lost their homes. We all heard about it on the news in 2005, but it was crazy to see it in person.

In the 9th Ward, most of the homes are gone and there are just empty fields. Brad Pitt started a foundation that is building green homes there. They look really cool (you can see pictures below) and they have solar panels and wind shields. If there is another storm, they will be able to power themselves without electricity for a long time. It is great that people are getting these homes that will save them money and save energy.

It was cool to see some of the greenest homes in America. They are all LEED Platinum. They are also testing new construction techniques and materials for green building. You can learn more about the Make It Right here.

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