Scientist in the Classroom: Worcester YouthBuild students learn about thermal imaging

This summer, David Gebb, Senior Research Engineer at Saint-Gobain’s Research and Development Center in Northboro, visited students at the Worcester YouthBuild to demonstrate and discuss thermal imaging and the functions of infrared cameras.

David talked about how the technology works to measure heat, with students fascinated by how long body temperature stays on an object once a person walks away from the area.

In fact, did you know that even if an object appears to be redder than another, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the object is hotter?  What’s more is that you cannot see heat in the air, only off of objects! This was really cool to learn!

Through the use of the infrared camera, David showed the students how you can “write” on the wall since the camera picks up the heat coming from his hands!

It was clear from the students that David takes tremendous pride in this work and enjoys what he does for a living at Saint-Gobain.


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