Ok we never really left! But we’ve been SOOOO busy with ya know, building GREEN and all of that good stuff that we’ve been kind of slacking on our posts. We’ve learned and experienced so much over the last couple of months and we’re back to SHARE every bit of it. Everyday that we are out there building and getting our hands dirty, we understand the bigger picture, and that is that someday this house will help someone, and THAT is what helps us to get through our day!

Oh and in case you were wondering, the crew has been doing Great! We’ve been extremely grateful for the partnership we have with Saint-Gobain and everything they have done with us and for us. The products are dope and so are we when we use them!

Long story short– We’re hyped! So look out Schenectady, because after this project on Schenectady Street is complete, we’re coming to a house near YOU! … But in the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy our show… Well our blog…or whatever… Ughh, you get the point! LOL


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